This research proposal is a plan for studying customer experience at Disney World during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The paper intends to use Transportation Theory to explain how visitor emotions in the Covid-19 protocols environment influence satisfaction and behavioral intentions at Disney World. The research plan to use a focus group and define measurement with survey after. Managerial implications concerning and reflection of the process of designing research will be discussed.


The Disney World phenomenon is recognized around the globe for its contribution as “The happiest place on earth.” Adults use Disney World to escape reality. The major part that makes…


There is an often-overlooked bias in scientific reports. This paper is presenting the study of how the media represents Chinese vaccines by using articles from Bloomberg. In order to determine if the articles express bias, I selected one media that is considered neutral to perform textual analysis. My findings demonstrate that ideology has a direct effect on media vaccine attitudes. The study provides a better understanding of how stereotypes are hidden in language. The paper also provides a fresh perspective on the current COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy.


The Coronavirus pandemic is a respiratory disorder that took the world by surprise and…

Ronnie S. Noisuwan

UX Designer, A 101 Learner at University of Florida

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